Vesna Petković is a well-established singer known for her astounding vocal versatility, specializing in jazz and balkan music, always energetic and innovative.

In her own compositions she combines traditional balkan music with contemporary jazz, which can be heard on her albums “A New One”(ZamaRecordings), “3 Secrets” (Southchord records) as well as her latest concept album Pure: a tribute to David Bowie.

PURE Vocals And Piano

“PURE. vocals and piano. a tribute” is a concept album by Vesna Petković, Sandy Lopičić, and Werner Radzik. Vocals and Piano only. Three passionate musicians, two grand pianos, and a large recording room. The album is a tribute to David Bowie and includes well-known songs such as “Heroes”, “Loving the Alien” and “Lady Stardust”, as well as less known tracks such as “Blackstar” and “I Can’t Give Everything Away” from Bowie’s last album “Blackstar”.

“SOSAMMA” Multicultural Women’s Choir  

Since 2009, Vesna Petković has been supporting SOSAMMA in various ways: she leads, composes, and arranges songs that the choir members bring from their home countries. She interweaves folk music with pop and swing to create a unique musical experience.


Earthy marimba sounds, spacey vibraphone sounds, and angelic bell sounds from Raphael Meinhart provide danceable grooves and balm for the ears. The driving beats of drummer Jörg Haberl and the thundering bass lines of Stefan Padinger form the foundation for Vesna Petković’s powerful voice, which crowns the whole experience.