Music& lyrics Vesna Petković
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

I’m a good pretender
ev’ry time you’re near me.
Your voice, the way you walk the room,
i can still resist
But ev’ry time i see your eyes
I stop breathing.
And in the very moment
I’m building castles way up in the air,
I see them falling.

I can’t stop this feeling.
Why does it feel so right,
when i know that it’s wrong?
I can’t stop this feeling.
Maybe it’s better if i go,
If i leave the room right now!!!

Falling down – standing up,
love was never easy.
You and i, ti i ja,
Two worlds colliding.
Still, ev’ry time i see your eyes
I stop breathing.
You can take my breath away with just one smile,
I start dreaming

Stay tuned

Music&lyrics Vesna Petković
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

Staring at the tv screen.
They’re talking about how i’m addicted to it.
No one can help me out.
I am stuck between the screens of a brand new life.

Press pause, the commercials come on.
Brand new shoes,brand new cars,brand new clothes.
The machine knows what i like.
Can’t breath. What’s this? Look here! Please choose your size.

My eyes are open wide, my head is getting dim.
My legs and arms are shaking.
Can someone get me out of here?

Day in and day out.
The doctors saythat they know all about it.
My friends call me, they all feel the same.
Standing in the same line, playing someones game.

Stay tuned,there is one more up date!
Don’t miss that show, tomorrow will be to late.
I can’t resist, my fingers move.
I’m under some spell, i know i’m not immune.

(They all say) The time is running fast,  you have to put some speed up!
Everyone want some fame, I just want to put some music on

Please stay tuned.
Don‘ be late,
tomorrow it

will be to late.

Forever and a day

music: Vesna Petković / lyrics: Karolin Tuerk
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

Eeeoo – forever and a day.
Eeeoo – life is just a game.
Eeeoo – forever and a day.
Eeeooo – i’ll be loving you forever and a day.

Chasing the wind in a game of tag,
tracing letters on your back.
I spy with my little eye – eye – eye.

Ice cream, ice cream – cherry on top
who’s your boyfriend? – i forgot –
o-p-q-r-s-t-u – you – you?

I’ll show you the things i can do with my sleight of hand. ( with my sleight of hand)
I’ll show you my castles way up in the air. (up the air)
I’ll show you the places where we can play hide and seek. (let us play seek and hide)
I’ll show you the places where they play for love.

Come out to play in my no man’s land,
be my companion at fun and play.
Hop on my merry-go-round.

Big steps

Music: Who Man Dog / Lyrics :Vesna Petković
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

Ev’ry day she is
one step closer to the sun.
Closer to the sun
all those walls are falling down.

Woman standing strong,
stronger than she ever was.
Her hair is flying.
Watching the wind coming across.
Ev’ry day she is
one step closer to the sun.
Closer to the sun
all those walls are falling down.

The voices from afar
Don’t let them be unheard.
There are still things to be done,
There are still lessons to be learned.
Don’t believe in labels,
I don’t need no ranks.
To step out of the darkness
Sisters have opened the way !
Tvoj glas ko san,
Mio i drag.
Vodi kroz mrak i
Začaran put

Glass of love

Music&lyrics Vesna Petković
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

Well, it’s not wrong to be confused
in this world of atomic shelters
and angry people watching over us.
And it’s not wrong to be scared
living under the dome
Trying to find a hole or gap to get away.
And it’s confusing when you see your friends,
They are whirling
through the years to pay their dues.
Too much love for material things
But it’s your faith and love that you can lose.
They’re the sticky air that you have to

They’re the sticky money that you have to pay.
The reins are being tightened with every day.
And you don’t believe any of those words they

It doesn’t matter how high the wall is
that you’re building all around me,
Or how hard you try to squeeze my skin.
If you look left or right,
look back or straight ahead,
it’s the difference that makes us great.
And you get tired, tired of running
you’re not made for running oh so fast.
You are not alone in this game,
You don’t have to be afraid.

Don’t belive a word thay say
I don’t want to play thay game.

The way

Music&lyrics Vesna Petković
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

Step by step feet move.
Be patient my heart.
Your hand in my hand.
Wlking side by side.

No mountain too high.
No valley too low.
Step by step with love.
How far can we go?

Hold me, hold me
don’t let go.
The stars will show the way.

Love me, love me.
don’t mistrust our love.
Our love will take us there.

Step by step, feet move.
Nothing to be afraid.
We almost reached the board.
We will start again.

But,it wan’t be the same

By my side

music: Vesna Petković / lyrics: Karolin Tuerk
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

High above
Above mountains and cities.
On a plane slowly climbing.
Feeling light as a floating feather.
Feeling free of all loads and limits.
I look into your eyes…
I’m happy to have you
By my side –
By my side –

Here we are.
We are moving in patterns.
Our steps always rhyming.
By the sound of the words unspoken.
By the glow of our good intentions.

I look into your eyes….
I’m happy to have you
By my side –
By my side –

Will you catch me?

Music&lyrics Vesna Petković
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

Dreaming, dreaming you and me.
Flying, flying above the clouds.

Falling into your arms.
Will you catch me?
Will you catch me?

Love is fragile,it can hurt.
There is no recipe for it.
But, still, i’m running to you
And giving you all that i have,
That i am.

Balkan nostra

Music: Who Man Dog /Lyrics: Vesna Petković
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

There’s a place,
and there is a time.
If you want,
if you care.
Your love,my life ,my soul.

There is no fear,
and there is no doubt.
With you near
by my side.
Your love,my life ,my soul.

Tvoj glas ko san mio i drag
Vodi kroz san i začaran put
(deine stimme wie ein traum so lieb und sanft
Führt durch die nacht und den verwünschten weg.)

Koštana\Bora Stanković
Prilagodjeni tekst iz mitketovog monologa „žal za mladost“

„Znaš li šta je karasevdah? I toj težak, golem karasevdah! Tuj bolest ja bolujem . Eve,ostare, a još se ne nažive, još ne napoja‘ i ne naceliva’… Još mi za lepotinju i ubavinju srce gine i vene! Aha!… Poj, koštana,kako majka sina imala, čuvala, ranila…cel život samo njega gledala, a sin – bolan! Bolan, bolan bija. Bolan od kako se rodija. – …“

Koštana\bora stanković
Angepasster text aus dem monolog vom mitke „žal za mladost/trauer um die jugend“
„Weiss du was karasevdah ist? So einer schwerer, großer, karasevdah ist? Eh, Da runter leide ich. Schau‘, alt bin i worden,no hob i nett gnug g’sungen, net g’nug geküsst,..noch immer stirbt und siechtet mein herz für die schönen und diehübschen.

Sing Koštana wie die mutter einen sohn gehabt hat, nur auf ihn ganzes leben lang geschaut hat…

und der sohn…krank…krank seit er geboren würde…“

Imela imela imela okaka imela chineke imela ojoma
(Thank you, i thank you
i thank you, the one who  speaks and it is done
thank you my god thank you, you are good)

Green River

Music&lyrics Vesna Petković
(Album: 3Secrets, 2018)

What if we go to the river?
To jump from the trees into the water
like a children do in summer.
To laugh out loud and cry.
The green will embrace us,
we will not wait for the sings.
That will be our moment
that you’ll remember for a lifetime.


A New one

music&lyrics: Vesna Petković
(Album: A New One 2007)

„Stani,stani, s’lnce,s’lnce.
Ne se žuri, s’lnce, s’lnce.
Spi još ne svanuvaj,
Da mi dragi ne ode
Da mi dragi ne ode.
Ne,ne ne svanuvaj
Pusti neka spi”

„Bleib stehen, bleib stehen, oh sonne, oh sonne.
eile nicht, oh sonne, oh sonne.
schlaf weiter, geh nicht auf,
damit mein liebster mich nicht verlässt,
damit mein liebster mich nicht verlässt,
nein, nein geh nicht auf
lass ihn noch ein wenig schlafen.“


Music& Lyrics: Vesna Petković
(Album: A New One 2007)

Stay a little bit more.
I thought for a while
That you will not go.
I’ve lost the game
Like a thousand times before
So stay for a minute,
Stay a little bit more.
Com’ closer my dear
I have lot of things to tell you.
Stay for minute or two.
Please, tell me what went wrong?
I wont to know the reason
Why we are running out of time?